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 7/4/2010 19:17 Tim Hey, some pictures would make your site a lot more engaging and easier to read. Cheers

 8/4/2010 21:38 Ema-1 [Moderator]Yeah that is totally true. I need to add some graphics. As well I would like to get pictures of all the device variants. There are a couple of options. One is to get pictures from manufacturer websites. It is common practice just to take them and claim fair use but really permission is needed. The other option is for users to send me pictures granting permission to use and modify them or under whatever licence is preferable. I would like to get good quality front and back pictures for all variants of this device and others described on the site. If anyone would like to send pictures just submit the form including your email address and I'll get in touch. Email addresses will not be published.

 8/2/2010 17:16 Renee do you think that you could possibly sell power meters online from this website?
because you have the information, and you can offer people to buy them that are curious and do not have one.
I am aware that most people that hit this site already have one but some may not.

 8/2/2010 20:05 Ema-1 [Moderator] I would like to keep the focus on providing and sharing information about power saving and monitoring devices and things related to that. Thanks for the suggestion tho :   ). If you have a device you want me to look at or include then feel free to get in touch with the details.

 3/9/2010 20:08 Wayne Mulqueen I have been seeing my energy usage climb this year. So I ran a test yesterday.
Meter reading 847115 go to bed 10pm, Water heating off, all else off but fridge.
Meter reading 847132 get up 6:40am. (same settings)
Meter reading 847153 get home from work 4:54pm (same settings)
Change fridges (same size, newer model)
Meter reading 847262 10:30pm (same settings)
Meter reading 847272 8:00am (same settings)
Meter reading 847300 12:52pm )same settings)
What I can see is the new fridge/freezer performed better. BUT it still used 38 KW of power over nearly 14.5 hours!
What is the story? seems very high to me seeing as they're meant to use 19kw a week from what Mercury energy's chart suggests.
 3/9/2010 22:48 Ema-1 [Moderator] There are several ways to look at that one. I'll split it down into points for clarity.
a) It could be something else in your house. Running the same test with the fridge turned off will give you an answer for that one.
b) I don't know what kind of utility meter you are reading but - does that number you quoted have a 1/10ths = 0.1 digit in the reading? If so then your usage would be 3.8 units rather than 38 units. Check that. But even if that is the case your reading is still on the high side.
c) A cheap power meter like the EMA-1 might be a good way to look at the problem. You can run this directly on the fridge appliance plug and you will know exactly what the fridge uses over a 24 hour period without errors being introduced by anything else that may be in your house.

Let's take a cloer look at your figures as well:
d) both tests you ran used exactly 38 (or 3.8 with the read error) units. Coincidence I guess?
e) The first test you ran for 18hr&54min /dividing by 38kwh gives about 2kw per hour. That's way too high for just a fridge.
f) The second test you ran for 14hr&22min /dividing by 38kwh gives about 2.6kw per hour. This means you used more in the second test, not less as you stated. Can you clarify that?
g) Even taking a decimal error into account (which gives a lower figure of 4.8kwh per day) that still seems on the high side for just a fridge unless (maybe) it is a really big one with an ice maker etc, etc.
h) Turning the fridge off overnight might help determine if something else in your house circuit is using power. If you don't have a lot of critical frozen food you could prepare your fridge for this by freezing some plastic water bottles and putting them in the fridge to keep things cool overnight. A decent fridge will have enough thermal insulation to keep things cool overnight, often even for frozen stuff.
g) If it gets really tricky a household level energy meter can be very useful for troubleshooting this kind of problem. You will need one that is capable of logging data over time so you can see when your mystery appliance/load is turning on and off if at all.
h) If you turn off everything in the house (including the hot water) and you can still see the meter running, flip each breaker one by one and see if the meter is still running. That can help narrow things down to just one circuit in your house at least.
i) If you do all this and still no explanation -  you can most likely get your utility company to send someone around to have a look. To get the most out of it you will need to be home to walk through anything that comes up.

Hope this helps!
 4/9/2010 3:37 Ema-1 [Moderator] You could just jump to (i) immediately. Most electric suppliers will want to help you out.
 16/9/2010 2:22 Doktore Re Wayne Mulqueen's readings: a friend had a similar problem. He rang his power company and they said it would NOT be a problem with the utility meter (although I recently met someone whose meter was faulty). The source turned out to be his DVS system. He had disconnected the control box while in the roof-space doing renovations. When he reconnected it, unbeknown to him, it started operating in default mode, ie, with the heater switching on whenever the ambient temperature in the roof-space dropped. Obviously, if you don't have a DVS, HRV or similar, it won't be the problem. Cheers.
 22/9/2010 22:30 Preacher NZHi have installed Google power meter it rocks!
You can log on to the web and on your browser is your energy use.  It kills having to go outside to read your meter which lowers your exercise regime.  On the plus it keeps you up to date on what you left on and what you need to remember to switch off.
 23/9/2010 18:59 Ema-1 [Moderator]Which device are you using to collect monitoring data to send to Google PowerMeter?
I guess you can see the wattage peaks and know from there roughly which appliances are on?
Coincidently - just about to add an article on appliance signature detection to the smart meter / grid news page in the next day or so.
 14/10/2010 19:34 Power PandaHi there,
I notice you've been tracking our site which is fantastic. We've been regularly changing our website as we trial different marketing angles which may have been confusing. I would like to clear up some of the confusion, are you able to call me Monday or 0800 72 83 44, or email me directly @ [email address]  
John Whyte (L.L.B [hons]),
Sales Manager
The Power Panda
 15/10/2010 11:49 Ema-1 [Moderator]Will do.
 27/10/2010 6:32 Roby BydenOur warrenty doesn`t cover our two year old cylinder. Whys that?
 27/10/2010 8:36 Ema-1 [Moderator]Hi Roby, I don't understand your question can you explain a bit more?
16/01/2011 19:23 Review of ENVI-R Good to get an independent view, wonder if the Government are looking for something easy to use that saves energy, if so this could do the trick! Subsidies may help me buy one!
16/01/2011 20:34 Ema-1 [Moderator]Thanks for the link! I've amended it to link directly to Ben's ENVI-R review post. Hope that's ok.
04/03/2011 12:13 RobHow accurate is the Elto EMA-1?

The real-time line frequency on my EMA-1 starts off at the correct frequency of 50 Hz.  But after a while can show 52 Hz or even 53 Hz.

Regulations state that the line frequency must be maintained within 1.5% of 50 Hz, so the minimum should be 49.25 and the maximum 50.75.

Have other users noted the change of frequency on their EMA-1, or does it always show as 50 Hz?
 16/05/2011 20:43 LianaHi all, i'm doing a science/technology fair project for school(Yr8) and my topic is a technology one. I'm planning to use poo and using a anaerobic digestor produce bio gas which would then power some sort of generator (Any ideas?)and the generator would produce power. I'm looking at smart meters for my project becuase it himk it will encourage people to store their power from the night rate to use at peak time. Anyway, thanks for your website, it's helpful.
 18/02/2014 10:25 EconergyHi Guys how to upload products here?
 18/02/2014 11:14 Ema-1 [Moderator]Post a link and I'll add an entry to the appropriate page. In general the main criteria is - must be available in NZ and preferably supported here also.

No registration needed.

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