Standby power eliminators

Standby power saving devices reduce or eliminate standby power usage. Standby power is also called 'vampire power'. 
Devices in this class are known as standby eliminators, standby killers, vampire killers, vampire power killers, etc.

An electronic appliance switched on at the wall but not in use will almost certainly consume electricity. Typical examples: televisions, game consoles, computers, monitors, home theatre systems, sky decoders, washing machines, cellphone chargers. An average household can easily spend $200 per year on this wasted power and some households will spend much more. NZ electricity suppliers estimate average household standby power usage at around 5% of the total bill. The simplest solution is turning appliances off at the wall when not in use. The appliance power meters above can be used to measure the exact amount of standby power usage.

Standby power saving devices are useful when it is not practical or convenient to turn off an appliance or a group of appliances at wall sockets.

Bye-Bye Standby

Starter Kit comes with one socket and a four channel easy to operate remote with on/off colour coding. Multiple receivers can be grouped into a single channel if required.

Available from:


A simple and well designed corded remote switch which puts power control where you need it - instead of at hard to get to plug points.

Review: PCWorld NZ

Available from: GoodSteps

Efergy Ego SmartMonitor

Jackson Green Energy Saving Power Board

The Jackson Green Energy Saving Power board
 has six power sockets. If the appliance in the master socket is powered on, four slave sockets will be turned on. When the master device is switched off, the four slave sockets will be switched off. One remaining socket is always on. The manufacturer (see link above) rates this board for a 500W maximum on the master socket. The low maximum wattage rating makes the device suited to small and medium size home entertainment/tv and home computer systems. The device is available from many computer retailers in NZ and online.

Jaycar Remote Standby Power Saver

This device sold by Jaycar will switch off an outlet completely when it detects an appliance has gone into standby. It is also able to sync to most remote controls (tv, stereo, etc) to turn the outlet on again.

Laser Stand-by Stopper with Power Meter

One master socket + four slaves + one always on, with built in KWH meter.

Mighty Ape

Mort Bay Smart PC Power Saver

6 outlet energy saving power board + Cat5 network surge protection in/out socket + motion detector.
    1. Plug all appliances into controlled power sockets
    2. Turn power on
    3. Indicator light will flash while learning power consumption
    4. Turn nominated appliance "off" to "standby mode". Push button next to indicator light on power board. Indicator light will then stop flashing. "Automatic mode" is then set.
One socket is always on for appliances which need continuous power like fax machines. The other sockets are used for a computer and peripherals. When the computer is switched to 'standby' or 'off' (after training the device) power is shut off to the controlled sockets after 60 seconds. The motion detector will provide power when it detects someone near the computer.

Available from Mitre10 Mega stores. Not shown on the Mitre10 Mega website.

OMP Energy Saving Surge Protector

Master and three slaves plus one switched. Includes two USB charging ports and coax/RJ11/F protection and adaptors. EMI/RFI filter.

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TrickleStar claim a low carbon manufacturing footprint and less than one watt base power consumption.

TV Tricklesaver

Detects the TV power state using current sensing technology. Two output sockets: One for the TV one for accessories like DVD player etc. When the TV is off or in a standby state then power is off to accessories as well. Use your existing multi-plug board to add additional accessories. Reviewed by Ben.Geek

Available from:

TV Tricklesaver (Ben Geek)

Other Tricklesaver products with NZ socket may be available from Australian sources.


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03/02/2011 11:51 provides a starting point for optimising Linux energy use and information on Linux power optimisation projects.
15/03/2011 14:51 mudsoftHere's something new, simpler and loads cheaper too
15/03/2011 19:41 Ema-1 [Moderator]That is a very simple product - just a remote switch - and it will make a difference. I'll add a full description to the list when it gets an NZ supplier.
08/08/2011 18:32 Ema-1 [Moderator]Ecoswitch is now listed on this page. Available from GoodSteps.
15/12/2011 00:50 BoomerAnyone know how to set up a Mort Bay home theatre powerboard?
15/12/2011 10:47 Ema-1 [Moderator]Having problems with remote to work? or something else?
30/12/2013 23:13 atomSome of the products here are pushing $300. I could only find tech-specs on one of the "smart" power-boards that uses a master/slave system (power drawn from a "master" outlet turns the "slave" outlets on/off) and it switches the slave outlets on when the master outlet is providing >35W. That won't work on my "entertainment system": * Computer monitor = 21W (7W off) * Computer speakers = 7W (5W off) * NMT = 3W (<1W off) My whole "entertainment system" runs on less power than what's required to turn on the master-slave switch! K.I.S.S. Edapt Power Board 4 Way Surge Clam Shell This will work for me, and as often as I watch movies it'll pay for itself in about 4-5 months. And I won't have to climb over the coffee table to reach the outlet-switch. And it's half the price of the EcoSwitch :)