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WEL Networks begins smartbox installation

posted Aug 28, 2012, 9:20 PM by ema-1 ema-1
""This is a significant investment in the quality and reliability of the Waikato electricity network, and a key part of our ongoing efforts to partner with our customers to give households greater self-sufficiency and control over the energy they use in the future," Dr Elder said. The in-home smart-boxes are part of a wider network management system known as WelConnect that relays system information in real time back to the WEL Networks operations centre via an RF mesh wireless communications system installed throughout the Waikato last year. "First of all, the system automatically alerts us to outages. This means we no longer have to wait for a customer to phone us when power is out. We are now alerted through our computer system, which allows us to restore lost power more quickly than ever before," Dr Elder said. "The WELconnect system also helps us monitor what’s happening throughout our network to help us deliver the most cost effective supply of electricity. Over the past few months, the new system has helped us identify some power quality and voltage adjustments we could make to ensure electricity is being used more efficiently in the western part of our network following the first installations in Raglan," he explains"