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UC project advances renewables smart grid technology

posted Aug 28, 2012, 9:15 PM by ema-1 ema-1
"“We want to make the national grid smarter through better integration of the demand side with generation through the grid. This would be achieved through pooling resources from smart appliances, electric vehicles and domestic roof-top solar power to use to manage the variability of renewable generation. “It will be cost effective by making it economical for consumers to use smart appliances and the like and more efficient by doing this through the electricity market, which already optimises where electricity is generated. The UC project will survey consumers to understand their perceptions and anticipated use of new technology in the electricity network, including solar panels on their roofs, home automation, electric vehicles, and demand management. The UC project will also investigate solar renewable generation and the highly technical aspects of feeding it into the distribution network, where it may completely change the direction that power flows.

The research will pull together expertise from Auckland University’s Power Systems Group, and Otago University’s Centre for Sustainability to form a national research team dealing with issues fundamental to the future of New Zealand’s electricity supply. Contributing to the research will be companies such as Transpower, Orion, Unison, Vector, Mercury Energy and Mighty River Power, the Electricity Authority, the Electricity Engineers Association, and Fisher & Paykel Appliances"