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Petition for Timaru solar scheme

posted Apr 5, 2012, 3:11 PM by ema-1 ema-1   [ updated Apr 5, 2012, 3:11 PM ]
Engineer Brian Ward has gathered 300 signatures in a petition calling for a solar energy scheme in Timaru. voltaic

"The PV Saver Scheme is modeled after the Solar Saver Scheme in Nelson, except that it applies to solar-electricity systems.  It is where
the local council makes a loan to the buyer of a solar electricity system.  The ratepayer then pays back the loan at low interest through a targeted rate on the property"

"The Solar Saver Scheme would be revenue-neutral rather than a direct subsidy. Similar programs have demonstrated effectiveness in developing renewable energy markets in New Zealand. The Timaru District Council is encouraged to investigate these initiatives and become a leading local authority in facilitating and supporting installation of these forms of renewable energy systems"

"It is not a subsidy.  It is a public sector loan, which intervenes into the market where private sector banks are reluctant to lend. Only the person taking the loan pays higher rates through a targeted rate system. The terms of the loan can be structured to match the annual savings from the solar-electric system. The loan stays with the property, rather than the occupants, making it easy to transfer the loan in a property sale. In Timaru, the ratepayers have a vested interest in a reliable, secure, and local, electricity system because there is public ownership of the local lines company"

Scheme outline:
Petition website:

"He wants the Timaru District Council to implement a clean energy saver scheme for photovoltaic solar (PV solar) residential installations, similar to the clean heat scheme implemented by Environment Canterbury.

Mr Ward suggests the Government and electricity industry is stalling the introduction of rooftop power generation to protect existing revenue streams"