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NZ Herald begins rental insulation campaign

posted Aug 12, 2012, 3:20 AM by ema-1 ema-1
"Despite a heating and insulation subsidy introduced three years ago, a million New Zealanders, many of them children, still live in damp and draughty houses".

"This newspaper is doing what it can to help them. Last Sunday we examined the Government's home insulation programme and began to highlight the plight of those missing out. Our series will continue over coming weeks, zeroing in on inequities and demanding action".

"Not surprisingly, rental houses in the private sector are the least likely to be insulated. Only 5 per cent of landlords have taken up the subsidy though they qualify for the higher rate if their tenant has a community services card. Just 26,000 of about half a million private rental properties have been insulated to the desired standard".

"Landlords would be more likely to insulate if they were able to do it themselves, says the Property Investors Federation. It was revealed last week that only 5 per cent of private rentals have been insulated under the Warm Up New Zealand scheme. The Herald on Sunday is campaigning for minimum energy efficiency standards for homes, particularly for those that are rented"