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NZ Herald - Hybrids in NZ

posted May 26, 2012, 5:20 AM by ema-1 ema-1
"However, there are signs that the awkward adolescent phase of hybrid technology is coming to an end. On the market right now are hybrids that are setting new standards in economy, hybrids that are fun to drive - even hybrids that are affordable. Eventually, hybrid technology will become familiar enough that we'll stop talking about it. Some makers would like to think we're there already"

"Toyota Prius C - $30,990-$34,990, 3.9l/100km
Honda Insight - $35,600-$40,000, 4.6l/100km
Honda Civic IMA - $43,500, 4.4l/100km
Honda CR-Z - $44,900, 4.7-5.0l/100km
Toyota Prius - $49,990, 3.9l/100km
Toyota Camry hybrid - $50,990-$56,890, 5.2l/100km
Lexus CT200h - $54,600-$72,000, 4.1l/100km
Lexus RX450h - $118,600-$138,100, 6.4l/100km
Lexus GS450h - $TBA, 6.3l/100km
Porsche Cayenne S hybrid - $197,500, 8.2l/100km
Lexus LS600h - $280,300, 9.3l/100km"