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NIST Finalizes Initial Set of Smart Grid Cyber Security Guidelines [international]

posted Oct 12, 2010, 1:09 PM by ema-1 ema-1
"The guidelines identify 137 interfaces—points of data exchange or other types of interactions within or between different Smart Grid systems and subsystems. These are assigned to one or more of 22 categories on the basis of shared or similar functional and security characteristics. In all, the report details 189 high-level security requirements applicable either to the entire Smart Grid or to particular parts of the grid and associated interface categories"

The new report also includes:
  • a description of the risk assessment process used to identify the requirements;
  • a discussion of technical cryptographic and key management issues across the scope of Smart Grid systems and devices;
  • initial recommendations for addressing privacy risks and challenges pertaining to personal residences and electric vehicles;
  • an overview of the process that the CSWG developed to assess whether existing or new standards that enable Smart Grid interoperability also satisfy the high-level security requirements included in the report; and
  • summaries of research needs.