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Major NZ smart grid energy conference scheduled for 2011

posted Nov 10, 2010, 1:53 AM by ema-1 ema-1   [ updated Nov 11, 2010, 1:04 PM ]
Four day conference:
  • Electric Vehicles World New Zealand 
  • Power and Electricity World New Zealand
  • Smart Electricity World New Zealand
  • Smart Cities World New Zealand
February 22- 25 / 2011

Venue: Skycity Auckland Convention Centre

For the full conference program and up to date details:

Pre-Conference Day – Electric Vehicles - 22 February 2011

Visionary Address: Electric vehicles to enhance energy security and reduce New Zealand’s reliance on imported fossil fuels

  • Strategies to develop network capabilities for EV’s in New Zealand
  • Establishing a business model that is adaptive to EV developments in the future
  • Leveraging EV’s to manage energy demand
  • Easing New Zealand’s reliance on imported fuels and reducing transport related carbon emissions
  • A vision for New Zealand energy network

Mike Underhill, Chief Executive Officer, EECA

Panel: What companies need to do to keep pace with developments

  • Utilities engaging the EV
  • Redefining the network/retail divide 
  • Addressing the possibility of EV and plug-in hybrid sales exceeding infrastructure growth
  • Managing additional base and peak loading due to EV charging
  • Government and industry working in collaboration to promote EV growth

John Baker, Chief Strategy Officer, Austin Energy 
Nigel Broomhall
, Energy Partnerships Manager, Meridian Energy
Robert Lane
, Managing Director, EDay Life
Tony Frost
, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Transport, New Zealand

International Keynote Address: The role of utilities to create an EV platform

  • Energy management and storage in future supply solutions
  • Designing the grid to support EV charging
  • Developing standardised infrastructure for EV’s

Senior Representative, Amsterdam Smart City


Keynote Address: Striking the optimal balance between cost and performance of battery systems

  • Nissan’s vision for reducing and offsetting the cost of EV batteries
  • New generation reliable, recyclable batteries
  • Charge spots for the driver away from home

John Manley, Managing Director, Nissan Motor Co. (New Zealand)

Keynote Address: Industry leadership and customer incentives needed to expedite growth

  • Creating a vehicle that captures the public’s imagination
  • Changing perceptions, selling the dream and getting the public on-board
  • Appealing to company fleets and reducing vehicle carbon footprints
  • Making it cost and user friendly

Masao Tanuma, CEO, Mitsubishi Motors (New Zealand)

EV on site demo: Grab the keys and let’s hit the road!

Keynote Address: Developing a business model that is customer driven and highly competitive     

Robert Lane, Managing Director, EDay Life


Industry collaboration as a key driver to EV development and utilisation

  • Leveraging cross sector expertise to maximise growth and development of EV’s
  • Strategies to plug in the consumer and maximise storage capability
  • Feedback on current government EV regulations and the possibility of future incentives

Nigel Broomhall, Energy Partnerships Manager, Meridian Energy


Emerging EV charging technology outlook – Origin Energy Case Study

  • Results and lessons learnt from Origin’s charging station trials
  • Understanding the business case for investment in the EV space
  • Cost and functionality considerations
  • Recent innovations and technology advances in quick charging stations
  • Technologies to ensure high charging efficiency  

Senior Representative, Origin Energy


Examining New Zealand’s vehicle consumption trends: what are the key drivers for the uptake of cleaner automobiles?

  • What are New Zealander’s currently buying?
  • What are consumers looking for in their next vehicle?
  • How do ownership costs of EV’s and hybrids compare to conventional vehicles?
  • What is the short- to medium-term outlook for cleaner vehicles?
  • Practical and safety issues for consideration

Mark Stockdale, Senior Policy Analyst, AA

For the full conference program and up to date details:
Power & Electricity World New Zealand - 23 February 2011 - Morning Session



Keynote address: How New Zealand will become a major exporter of energy products, expertise and technologies

  • Maintaining a robust exploration schedule and development of energy resources
  • Leveraging world leading positions in geothermal and wind technologies to increase foreign investment
  • Preparing for an increase in the global requirement for cleaner sources of energy
  • Enhancing New Zealand’s reputation as world leader in clean energy uptake and development
  • Repositioning the role of the energy sector within the New Zealand economy

International keynote address: How is the nature of the network company changing and what could the future look like?

  • Examining the ‘Address’ initiative
  • How to enable Active Demand in energy distribution
  • How to capitalise on the changing nature of service delivery and new areas of business such as Network dispatching and EV infrastructure management
  • How to manage multiple stakeholders to expedite development and growth 
  • Examining new business opportunities in the network space

Paola Petroni, Vice President Network Technologies, ENEL


International keynote address: strategies to encourage investment in new generation to ensure supply adequacy is maintained

  • Creating a policy framework with incentives that encourages new generation
  • Providing a regulatory process that ensures generation is developed in the right sector
  • Incorporating a comprehensive infrastructure strategy to ensure private sector investment is maximised

Allan Dawson, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Market Operator, Western Australia

Security of Supply Panel: Ensuring New Zealand’s generation mix can meet future electricity demands

  • What approach should New Zealand be taking in securing future energy supply?
  • Is the regulatory framework suitable to ensure energy security?
  • How can new investment be encouraged in New Zealand’s energy sector?
  • What role will new technologies play? And when?
  • What is the future of geothermal energy in New Zealand?
  • Is the current infrastructure sufficient to satisfy the required investment in new generation?

Mike Underhill, Chief Executive Officer, EECA
Bruce Smith
, Director of Modelling and Forecasting, Electricity Authority
Gareth Wilson,
 Manager, Electricity Energy and Communications Branch, Ministry of Economic Development
Richard Griffiths
, Strategic Asset Manager, Meridian Energy

For the full conference program and up to date details:

Power & Electricity World New Zealand - 23 February 2011 -FUTURE GENERATION STREAM

Generation Panel: New Zealand’s generation sector priority list?

  • Where is the new generation going to come from and where will it be built?
  • How can New Zealand’s natural resources be optimised to satisfy generation demand?
  • Is planned new generation sufficient to provide long term security of supply?
  • Will wind generation be able to make a sizable impact on New Zealand’s renewable energy requirements
  • Will bioenergy play a significant role in the New Zealand energy mix?

Charles Teichert, Trading & Risk Manager, Todd Energy
Robert Harper,
 Senior Advisor – Renewable Energy, EECA


Panel: What water allocation regime should New Zealand implement?

  • Strategies to find an equitable trade off in water allocation
  • Developing a long term water management plan that advances the nations interest
  • Examining a possible ramifications for security of supply and the cost of energy is a price was assigned to water

Malcolm Alexander, General Manager Corporate Affairs, Genesis Energy
Dean Stebbing,
 Kaiwhakahaere Rautaki, Contact Energy
Tim Harty
, City Water Manager, Hamilton City Council

Under invitation:
Hon Nick Smith, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, New Zealand Government

Securing confidence and supply from the business
  • How to gain the confidence of the board and management when seeking new funding
  • How to maximise the performance and value of your assets
  • How to leverage benefits to your organisation through long term planning

Richard Griffiths, Strategic Asset Manager, Meridian Energy


Scarcity Pricing Panel: Examining the scarcity pricing mechanism and its impacts on the New Zealand energy market

  • Providing a mechanism  that ensures security of supply
  • What are the implications for the New Zealand energy market?
  • Ensuring the process supports new generation and encourages investment

Ray Deacon, Company Director, Rio Tinto Alcan
Fraser Clark
, CEO, Wind Energy Association
Gary Pemberton
, Wholesale Markets Manager, Genesis Energy Reeve Strategy Advisory Policy

For the full conference program and up to date details:

Power & Electricity World New Zealand - 23 February 2011 -FUTURE T&D STREAM


International Keynote: Navigating resource adequacy in energy only markets

  • Understanding how an asset management transmission model can impact the wholesale electricity market
  • Aligning the three fundamentals in transmission design; geography, business model & wholesale market
  • Factoring in interconnectability into a transmission model

Paul Simshauser, Chief Economist, AGL


International Keynote: Developing a transmission network that is responsive and adaptable to a changing generation mix

  • Supporting new generation and a push toward a greater renewable energy uptake
  • Overcoming key geographical hurdles to support new investment
  • Future projects and their impact on the grid 

Doug Aberle, Managing Director, Western Power

Incorporating new technologies to protect key distribution assets

  • Transformer Protector (TP), the sole solution against Transformer Explosion & Fire
  • T P is strongly recommended and compensates more than 1.000 times the investment
  • T P sharply reduces plant outages and high cost associated
  • Allows transformer repair after Internal Default

Presentation by: Sergi, France


Keynote Address: How to enhance data communications between the network and customers for energy management

  • Fibre cabling to change the face of energy delivery and expedite growth opportunities in New Zealand’s energy sector
  • Providing a modern backbone to energy delivery
  • Improving customer service and minimising future operating costs
  • Developing a customer centric model for future capital investments

Gareth Williams, Manager Strategic Solutions, Vector Limited

Networks panel: Identifying new developments and attracting investment for network development: networks project priority list

  • Key projects across the nation to improve network performance and enhance service delivery
  • Strategies to attract investment to support necessary upgrades and fund future development
  • Developing a network to is flexible to a shifting generation mix and cope with additional load growth
  • Investing in a network that fully utilities and supports resource development

Moderated by: Pravin D’lima, National Energy Manager, Schneider Electric

John Van Brink, General Manager Asset Investment and Growth, WEL Networks 
Nigel Barbour
, General Manager Electricity, PowerCo 
Russell Watson
, Planning Manager, Northpower
Gareth Williams
, Manager Strategic Solutions, Vector Limited

For the full conference program and up to date details:
Smart Electricity World New Zealand - 24 February 2011 - Morning Session




International Panel - United States: Introducing US perspectives, competencies, technology and management strategies

  • Strategic significance of smart electricity in the US
  • Overview of US development and applications of smart grids
  • Construction projects, technical efforts and renewable energy

Anne Pramaggiore, President, ComEd

International Keynote - Korea: Korea's Smart Grid Program

  • Customer's demand response using smart meter and real time pricing
  • Power quality compensation of wind power and PV
  • EV charging infra structure building and operation

Bae Sung Hwan, Vice President, Smart Grid, KEPCO

International Keynote - China: Building a smart grid by 2020

  • Key drivers for smart grid development in China
  • How will a smart grid transform the China utility sector
  • Developing a strategic roadmap for action in China

Zhou Xiaoxin, Honorary President, China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI)

International Keynote – United Kingdom: Pursuing a Smarter Grid to meet the demands of tomorrow in Europe

  • Prospects and Challenges Ahead Discussing key drivers for smart grid deployment in Europe?
  • Why Europe needs a smart grid before 2020
  • Key technology challenges ahead for SG implementation
  • Development of Smart Grid technology standardization: Where Europe stands?

Wayne Johncock, Chief Architect, Enterprise Strategy and Planning, Centrica

For the full conference program and up to date details:

Smart Electricity World New Zealand - 24 February 2011 - STRATEGY AND FINANCE STREAM



Utility Panel: Transforming the utility model

  • Finding solutions to critical energy and environmental challenges
  • Creating a new platform for new energy and business opportunity
  • Developing sophisticated communication systems that don’t negatively impact security and reliability
  • Aligning existing infrastructure and processes with a new operating framework 
  • Creating a model that allows for greater network flexibility and customer choice
  • James Avery, Senior Vice President Power Supply, San Diego Gas & Electric

Julian Elder, Chief Executive, WEL Networks
Mark Gatland
, Chief Executive, Northpower
Tony Price,
 Chairman, Senztek

Roundtable Presentations:

Roundtable One: Reboot and Reengage
for Smart Grid success in New Zealand

Aaron Baker, Marketing Manager, Gentrack Ltd

Roundtable Two: Implementing risk reduction strategies associated with migration to a next generation network Communications layer

Roundtable Three: Overcoming challenges in delivering secure communications infrastructure

Roundtable Four: Delivering on the Smart Grid Promise: IT and Business Transformation

International Keynote Address: Operating through the paradigm shift: opportunities and challenges for a utility in a smart grid transition

  • Skilling up your workforce to cope with service, manufacturing and operational changes
  • Preparing your organisation for the prospect of rapid change
  • Conducting detailed analysis to ensure you are achieving what you set out to
  • Understanding the new nature of true customer service 

 Hugh Gleeson, CEO, United Energy Distribution


Keynote Address: Establishing a national smart grid blue print in New Zealand

  • Developing a trans-sector approach to national telecommunications infrastructure
  • Investing in a comprehensive UFB network
  • Leadership required to make this a reality
  • Evaluating different development models: which approach should New Zealand be taking?

 Alan Jenkins, CEO, Energy Networks Association

Financing Panel: How will smart grid initiatives be financed and what will be required of government?

  • Strategies to attract investment and ensure smart grid development timelines are reached
  • Examining the current levels of investor appetite in the New Zealand energy sector and reviewing international strategies to attract finance
  • What government assistance and incentives is industry looking for in smart grid development?
  • How can investment in the New Zealand energy sector be increased?

Hugh Gleeson, CEO, United Energy Distribution
Peter Wilson,
 Economic Adviser in the Office of the Chief Executive, Vector Limited 
Zhou Xiaoxin,
 Honorary President, China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI)



Technology Panel: How to procure, deploy and optimise new technologies that will enhance operational efficiency and customer service

  • What are the key technology drivers for utilities and their customers? 
  • How are internal IT processes likely to change as operations evolve?
  • How to implement new technologies that enhance operational efficiency and customer service
  • Combining communications and electric distribution networks

Paola Petroni, Vice President Network Technologies, ENEL
John Baker,
 Chief Strategy Officer, Austin Energy 
Wayne Johncock
, Chief Architect, Enterprise Strategy and Planning, Centrica
Bill Highet,
 General Manager Retail, Meridian Energy

For the full conference program and up to date details:
Smart Electricity World New Zealand - 24 February 2011 - CUSTOMER STREAM


Keynote Address: Feeling the love: strategies to reconnect with your market David Russell

International Keynote Address: How to manage the utility business in a changing energy landscape

  • Overcoming investment constraints to roll-out new initiatives
  • Managing key stakeholders internally and externally to facilitate growth
  • Key characteristics of SDG&E’s approach and success

James Avery, Senior Vice President Power Supply, San Diego Gas & Electric

Roundtable Presentations:

Roundtable One: Reboot and Reengage
for Smart Grid success in New Zealand

Aaron Baker, Marketing Manager, Gentrack Ltd

Roundtable Two: Implementing risk reduction strategies associated with migration to a next generation network Communications layer

Roundtable Three: Overcoming challenges in delivering secure communications infrastructure

Roundtable Four: Delivering on the Smart Grid Promise: IT and Business Transformation


International Keynote Address: How to incorporate new technologies that align with existing operations and improve customer engagement

  • Examining technologies that provide benefit to the utility and the customer
  • The importance of understanding your business environment
  • Strategies to manage risk in adopting new technologies
  • Conducting detailed analysis to ensure you are achieving what you set out to

John Baker, Chief Strategy Officer, Austin Energy



International Keynote Address: Southern California Edison’s SmartConnect program

  • How to develop a plan that incorporates the customer at every stage of the process
  • How to empower customers to manage their electricity better
  • Examining customer feedback and responsivity to the program
  • Overcoming key operational hurdles in rolling out 5 million smart meters
  • Dynamic awareness and responding to loads and system security based on real time data monitoring
  • Linking market data, network system control rooms and customer metering data

Ken Devore, Director of Edison SmartConnect, Southern California Edison

Customer Panel:

Ever wanted to know what your customers really think about electricity? How they see the future? And how they really want their interactions with electricity retailers to be like? Well, this is your chance. It’s time for the customers, not consumers to have their voice heard. Strap yourself in, because it could be a bumpy ride!

Hosted by: 
Consumer Magazine

Leveraging social media platforms and other technologies to improve customer engagement

  • Improving customer retention through implementing a high engagement strategy
  • How can social media platforms be leveraged to improve customer service
  • Creating a liquid wholesale market

Ari Sargent, Managing Director, PowerShop

For the full conference program and up to date details:
Post-Conference Day – Smart Cities World - 25 February 2011


Keynote Address: How to structure a smart building solution that provides benefits to the utility and the developer in the New Zealand energy market?

  • A commercial framework for developers to create incentives for management of load and energy efficiency
  • Strategies to limit the market impact and complexity of a mini distribution network
  • Maximising use of standby capacity
  • Maximising the benefits from smart metering

Stephen Peterson, Chief Executive, Simply Energy

Enabling value-added customer energy services

  • DSM, cutailable/interruptible rates and real-time pricing
  • Premium power: increasing ENERGY quality and reliability
  • Quantifying the benefits of off-grid power products and services
  • Examining the possibility of ‘property as utility’
  • Cogeneration and thermal energy

Reserved for Minol

Stakeholder engagement as a key enabler to the development of smart buildings

  • How government, developers, utilities and operators and can work together to promote sustainable and efficient building developments
  • How government can take a lead role in smart building developments
  • Quantifying the opportunity smart buildings can create in the New Zealand economy

Alex Cutler, Chief Executive, New Zealand Green Building Council


International Keynote Address: Toyota Australia’s Tri-Generation initiative

  • Key drivers for a push to a unique energy solution
  • Understanding the business case for distributed generation strategies
  • Key operating milestones

Jon Ward, Environment Policy Manager, Toyota Australia

International Keynote Address: Incorporating distributed generation to offset reliance on the grid

  • Improving network operations and easing peak demand pressures
  • Utilising assets more effectively and efficiently
  • Assisting utilities to engage more with the customers, with new product offerings and services

Bruce Lipscombe, Director Engineering, I Want Energy


Panel discussion: What are the opportunities for electricity utilities in smart buildings?

  • Proactive strategies to off-set revenue short falls as a result of increased energy efficiencies
  • Examining the benefits of moving toward a more decentralised system

Bruce Lipscombe, Director Engineering, I Want Energy
Dene Biddlecombe
, CEO, Pulse Utilities
Stephen Peterson
, Chief Executive, Simply Energy

Quantifying the impact of ‘Green’ buildings on energy demand

Dr Hugh Byrd, Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Planning, Auckland University



What are the implications on the insurance sector in a smart building context?

  • How will issues surrounding building standards and safety affect building insurance requirements?
  • What will the price implications be?

John Lucas, Emergency Manager, Insurance Council of New Zealand

For the full conference program and up to date details: