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Invo's green building a challenge for construction industry

posted Apr 6, 2012, 8:39 PM by ema-1 ema-1
"First the building had to be designed with low energy devices and systems to get consumption as low as possible and then size a solar system. "We got it so low that 39 185w panels were enough for everything including a three phase forklift. We could actually push power into the grid during the day and draw it back as required at night or on dark days.""

"Pettengell says the biggest challenge in relation to the project had nothing to do with the systems or materials - it was the attitude of the Auckland building industry.

"I got sick of hearing, 'you can't do that', 'that's never been done before', 'it won't be compliant', 'we are required to install to this specification', 'it will invalidate warranty', 'that's gonna cost a fortune', and on and on. The Auckland trade was unwilling to learn new skills, apply new ideas and technologies to a point where some even obstructed progress. I always told them it would be at my risk and expense but even with this indemnity they couldn't get their heads around it."

Pettengell says he was lucky enough to have Jack Barber from Jack Construction in Wellington as the project manager/builder. "He wasn't afraid to try new ideas, solve problems differently and he made it his job to get inside my head and understand the objectives. As phases of the project began to fall further behind, we fired some of the local contractors, and flew up trades people from Wellington who completed their work without the daily hassles that had plagued the job and with the skill of the project manager, got the job completed on time.""

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