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Homestar energy rating system goes live [NZ]

posted Nov 21, 2010, 2:01 PM by ema-1 ema-1   [ updated Nov 21, 2010, 3:03 PM ]
"There are 1.6 million homes in New Zealand that can be improved – made more comfortable, warmer in winter, cooler in summer and healthier, while using less energy and water. We know what works to create high performance homes. Homeowners know what they need, but need help to achieve it. That’s why we created an online application that asks all the right questions, rates the performance of your home and inspires people to take action"

"‘Homestar™’ is the product of a Joint Venture partnership between BRANZ, Beacon Pathway and the New Zealand Green Building Council. Led by these organisations coordinated input from industry stakeholders and government has combined to develop a single residential rating tool for New Zealand’s new and existing homes"

"If you would like assistance with completing the online Homestar™ self assessment, you have the option to call on a qualified Homecoach™ who is a Homestar™ trained industry professional. They can assist you with the online assessment offering a personalised in-home service to help you assess your home, for improving its performance"

"When you are selling or renting a home this provides a greater level of credibility and assurance for any prospective home owners or tenants. This is carried out by a trained specialist building professional at your home covering much greater detail than either the self assessment or Homecoach™ assessment". "A Homestar certified assessment will provide a qualified rating for your home, validated by a third party".

"Market research indicates that fewer than one in ten New Zealanders examine the heating or insulation of a home when they buy or rent a property. As a consequence consumers have no way currently of assessing the relative warmth, energy efficiency, moisture control or water use of a home they consider buying or renting. With the introduction of a rating system homeowners and landlords have the opportunity to achieve value payback on home performance upgrades by using the Homestar™ rating mark to demonstrate true value of home performance attributes".

"The opportunity for industry is a potential stimulation of $3 - $5 billion in the products and services market, demand for innovation, new product development and technologies, creation and retention of jobs, with the ability to stimulate incremental investment on major renovation and retrofit projects".

"Overseas research shows homes with performance ratings sell and rent faster, for higher prices than non-rated homes. The UK, Europe and North America have developed similar rating tools, such as LEED for Homes in the USA and Canada and the Code for Sustainable Homes in the UK".

The multiple choice self assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Login and registration are optional. 

Design and implementation: