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Green transport and EV infrastructure urged for CHCH rebuild

posted Aug 12, 2012, 3:30 AM by ema-1 ema-1
"Christchurch would be just the right city to pioneer such incentives in New Zealand, though with our older and dirtier cars, a descending emissions scale would probably be better. The city has wide linear streets, and with the extensive quake damage, a "starting from scratch" base for just about every new project. In other words it will be cheaper now than it will be when our city is no longer a wish-plan or model but the real thing. Properly organised green bus/ tram systems running into the city from satellite park and ride areas outside the four avenues would be my preference, plus a regular Rolleston-City-Pegasus rail loop feeding through the old railway station site on Moorhouse Avenue. Fewer cars would need to use the central city in the first place and with the right kind of vehicles coming in, as in Merkel's plan, Christchurch could have an infrastructure that isn't soiled or held to ransom by the motor car as it currently is. Unscientific polling of friends and colleagues tells me that very few will use multi-storey car parks again, and now the buildings have been torn down around them, we can see what ugly monstrosities these layered and ramped car-hives are"