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Google Power Meter end of life / Microsoft Holm end of life

posted Jul 3, 2011, 5:00 PM by ema-1 ema-1   [ updated Jul 3, 2011, 5:26 PM ]
Google have announced end of life for Google Power Meter. Reasons given include lack of adoption by energy retailers. Google advises users to export data from Google Power Meter before the service shuts down on September 16th 2011.

Microsoft have announced end of life for Microsoft Holm. Similar reasons given. The service will close May 31st 2012. Beyond Holm, Microsoft will continue with smart energy partnerships and Microsoft standards initiatives in the smart grid area.

Pachube have announced free premium accounts are available for ex-Google Power Meter users. Pachube offers a number of reasons why Google's effort failed:

"The lack of a true real-time open data platform is the core of why the service had to fail. "Open data" is about ownership, portability, and empowering users.  PowerMeter dealt with none of those things and instead was an end-point in the system, a silo, with far too little value for all parties involved (utilities, consumers, service/app developers).  "Open data" in this form is useless, while still providing a means of invading the data for any number of Google's own purposes.  Not what we're looking for"

"We think the right approach for not only the energy space, but any market related to the Internet of Things, is to put the user in control, at the center.  With direct control over their data and how they use it, and the ability to share that data securely with both peers and service providers, you create an environment where both activity and engagement flourishes.  When a business model is applied to this system in which the utilities and service providers/developers also benefit, innovation driven by market forces will explode"