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Control4 signs NZ distributor for five years

posted Sep 14, 2010, 9:43 PM by ema-1 ema-1   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 9:45 PM ]
June 2010

"Chief Executive officer of Control4 New Zealand Dean Franklin says the company plans to bring innovative ‘smart meter’ technology to New Zealand – a simple way for consumers to manage their energy use, and enjoy the cheaper energy rate potential this technology promises to unlock"

"[...] Richard Walker says Control4 US is excited about the untapped energy opportunities in New Zealand. “The work to date in building the energy management market has laid the foundations for a long-term strategy to take New Zealand into the next frontier for energy management solutions"

EMS 100 platform: Linux, Zigbee, Flash, WiFi, H.264

"The Control4® EMS 100 is built on an open platform that supports device interoperability and incorporates industry standards including Linux2.6, Adobe Flash Lite, ZigBee SE and HA profiles, WiFi, and H.264. The system is extensible for third party application development and can be upgraded to support new standards including RF4CE and ZigBee SE 2.0. It is secured through Open SSL, Open SSH standards, SEP, WPA, and WEP."

"The Control4 EMS 100 is a software and hardware bundle that provides everything required to get customers connected to the smart grid, as well as the back-end software necessary to manage EMS 100 systems across thousands of households. For the home, the solution includes the EC-100, an elegant energy controller, and the WT-100 wireless ZigBee thermostat. The EMS 100 platform is powered by Control4® ADVANTAGE software, which analyzes residential usage data to provide the utility’s load management system the information needed to optimize demand response and energy efficiency programs. Integration with the utility’s back-end systems supports the provisioning and management of EMS 100 systems deployed in the field."

Control4 targeting ZigBee standard smart meters

"With the advent of the ZigBee PRO Smart Energy Profile and strong manufacturer support for this IEEE industry standard, utilities are adopting technology to enable in-home demand-response components. In the U.S. alone, 25.3 million ZigBee meters (16% of all meters installed) represent a large HAN market for Control4 to target."

Control4 NZ distributor contact details

Control4 NZ, Ltd.
14 Normanby Rd
Mt Eden
New Zealand
T: +6496307090
F: +6496307091

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