NZEC documents guide

Guide to New Zealand Electricity Commission (NZEC) documents covering smart meters.

Source documents available from the NZEC page on Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The NZEC also hosts occasional forums on metering infrastructure.

Amendments to the advanced metering infrastructure guidelines consultation (March 2010)
In March 2010 the NZEC proposed updates to the AMI guidelines in light of technology changes. This paper invites industry comment on the Guidelines on Advanced Metering Infrastructure V3 (Draft). The paper asks industry groups and interested parties to respond on specific questions defined in the paper. Submissions are now closed


Responders included ARC Innovations, NZ Consumer, Contact Energy, Counties Power, Delta Utility Services, EMS, Genesis Energy, Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Northpower, Orion, Powerco, Powernet, Powershop, Pulse Utilities, Transpower, Trustpower, Unison, Vector, Waitakere City Council, WEL Networks. 

View submissions here.

Electricity Commission Advanced Metering Infrastructure Report to Minister of Energy and Resources (December 2009)

NZEC report to the Minister of Energy and Resources on whether the roll-out of AMI should be regulated; and whether technical standards for AMI systems should be regulated, or whether the voluntary AMI guidelines currently in place (Guidelines) are adequate.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure in New Zealand: Roll-out and Requirements December 2009

Main sections are: Background on AMI and smart grids, Benefits and risks of AMI, Home area network (HAN) connectivity and in-home displays (IHD),

Includes an EC response to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s recommendations contained in the report “Smart electricity meters: How households and the environment can benefit”

International drivers of advanced meters
New Zealand drivers of advanced meters
Regulatory context for a New Zealand AMI roll-out
Benefits and risks of AMI
Home area network (HAN) connectivity and In-home Displays (IHD)
Information exchange formats and protocols
Access and use of AMI data
Import/export metering
Monitoring compliance with the “Guidelines on advanced metering infrastructure v2.0”
Recommendation to the Minister
Requirement to recommend
Should the roll-out of AMI be regulated?
Should regulation providing for mandatory technical standards be implemented if the voluntary AMI Guidelines prove inadequate
Other recommendations
Appendix 1 Electricity meters, advanced meters, AMI, and smart grids
Appendix 2 Advanced meter functionality
Appendix 3 AMI functionality
Appendix 4 Overseas experiences of AMI roll-outs
Appendix 5 Home Area Networks and In-home Displays
Appendix 6 Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s recommendations

Guidelines on Advanced Metering Infrastructure (V2) 28 January 2009 
NZ Electricity Commission advisory guidelines on deployment of smart meters in New Zealand. These guidelines are not binding and are recommendations only. An appendix contains a recommended advanced meter infrastructure system minimum attributes list.

Cost-benefit analysis of additional smart meter functionality Home area networks and in-home devices

"The Electricity Commission has asked NZIER [New Zealand Institute of Economic Research] to provide an initial high-level analysis of the costs and benefits of two additional functionalities – home area network interfaces and in-home displays.

In March 2010 the Minister of Energy and Resources Gerry Brownlee accepted the core recommendation of the report "that it is not necessary to extensively regulate the roll-out of AMI at this time as the benefits of regulation do not outweigh the costs".