Timers, switches, sockets

Many simple electrical timers are available from multiple retailers. This page covers only devices that offer more features or control than simple devices.

Other pages here cover hot water storage timers and standby power eliminators.


A range of NZ designed and manufactured light switches, power sockets and heated towel rail points all with an easy to set timer function and override. These devices have been specifically designed to achieve low standby and operational power use. Less than 1W when off and less than 2W when switched on.
Intelliswitch also provide a very small and simple to use behind-the-wall heated towel rail time switch. The device can be easily fitted to existing heated towel rail installations with no need to modify existing wall plates or switches. 

After switching the rail on at your existing switch the rail is heated for 4 hours then switches off for 8 hours then repeats the cycle continuously. Start and end times are examples only and can be set as required:

 Evening 6 PM to 10 PM On On time = 4 hours
 Night 10 PM to 6 AM Off Off time = 8 hours
 Morning 6 AM to 10 AM On On time = 4 hours
 Day time 10 AM to 6 PM Off Off time = 8 hours

Other Intelliswitch models provide more control if needed.

Heirloom ESP

Available only on selected Heirloom heated towel rail models. Heirloom Energy Saver Pulse (ESP) rails run at 50% of the full rated power. The rail operates at the full rated power for five hours only when the ESP touch sensitive control is activated. An indicator light displays the current mode.

Belkin Conserve Socket

A simple and compact plug in
power timer socket. A start button begins or resets the time remaining. Three time settings: 1/2 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours. A green light is displayed when turned on. Belkin claims zero power consumption in off state.


Hot water timers

Hot water energy saving devices are listed on a separate page.