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Note: Removed July 2011 - Mercury Energy is no longer accepting customers for the Onzo Energy Monitor trial

Mercury Energy is trialing the Onzo energy monitor in New Zealand for Mercury Energy customers only. A smart meter is not required. Mercury Energy is owned by Mighty River power

"The sensor clips onto the live cable on any electricity meter (it doesn’t have to be a smart meter). It senses how much energy your home is using at any given time and sends that information wirelessly to your Onzo display". "The sensor charges itself using the energy that flows through the wiring so you never have to replace any batteries".

"Regularly uploading your data from your Onzo display to your web dashboard gives you valuable insights into your household energy use. The easy to read graphs and simple online tools and savings tips put you in control of your energy consumption and can help you save energy and save money."

"The Onzo Smart Energy Kit is currently available to Mercury Energy customers living in the greater Auckland region. Some exceptions apply. We’ll contact you should your property not be suitable".

A purchase using the product website will add the cost of the device to your Mercury Energy account.

LCD display features include base-load tracking, target tracking, high usage alerts, and an indicator called grid-watch: "which turns on when the national demand for energy is likely to be high. You can do your bit for the environment by trying to avoid using too much energy during these times". The LCD display device charges using a standard usb connection, and a separate AC adapter is also supplied. Software is provided for PC and Apple Mac OSX.

The Mercury Onzo web dashboard provides a range of very user friendly energy saving and data analysis tools. Mercury indicate a monthly charge for use of the web Mercury Onzo web tools: "Free access to the Onzo web tools for 3 months (normally $2.50 per month)"

Technical: A designer of the product indicates the device has the ability to monitor power factor using a secondary sensor built in to the sensor clamp detecting voltage phase. And, two way 433 Mhz communication with the sensor which enables the display unit to prompt the sensor unit for missing data. Speculation: If correct this is useful where temporary radio interference prevents sensor communication for short periods. Additionally, some promotional material states a sensor feature as: "Processing and storage capacity of 10 years worth of data". Sample rate is once per second. If correct this may be useful for collecting data from remote locations where long distance 433 Mhz communication with the display is not possible. Onzo is a member of the Zigbee Alliance. The Amazon UK Onzo product page quotes an accuracy of ±10%@1-100A, and states the Onzo uses "Rechargeable RAM cell batteries that do not contain cadmium, nickel or lead, reducing environmental impact".

In other markets Onzo have implemented water and gas monitoring using similar infrastructure. In Scotland, Onzo is a participant in a utility integrated smart grid design project to "enable consumers to more accurately control and manage their hot water and heating requirements".

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April 2011 - Onzo releases the Onzo Zigbee Display for integration with existing smart meters. Zigbee Enabled.

This page archives information removed from the household energy monitoring page.