EMA-1 'type 1' and EMA-1 'type 2'

The manufacturer uses exactly the same model number for both devices, but there are significant differences:

The version referenced as 'type 2' on this website contains a dedicated metering chip able to calculate power use more accurately for a wider range of appliances. The version referenced as 'type 1' on this website - uses an older analog circuit design.

Easiest way to determine which meter from the label:
  • 'type 2' has label text: "Battery 3X1.5V"
  • 'type 1' has label text: "Battery 2X1.5V" 
The 'type 2' is easily identified by the small depressions on both sides of the larger battery cover.

In the picture below the Type 2 is shown first (on the left).

Rear view differences:

Type 2
Type 1
Larger battery cover (no screw)
Smaller battery cover (with screw)
Label text: Battery: 3X 1.5V (battery)
Label text: 2X 1.5V (battery)
Rectangular label
Square label

Function differences:

Type 1 meters have two additional functions:
Type 2
 Type 1
Does not have Peak Power storage feature
Has peak power storage feature
 (Display function symbol WATT + MAX symbol)
Does not have MAX LOAD warning feature
Has AMP  MAX LOAD warning feature

Instruction differences:

Type 2
Type 1
To enter cost/kwh mode - Hold FUNC for 1 second
To enter cost/kwh mode - Hold FUNC for five seconds
To exit price setting mode - wait 30 seconds As in left column or - press and hold FUNC for five seconds

Standby mode differences:

(If not plugged in)

After pressing the FUNC button the display remains on for approximately:

Type 2 Type 1
Five seconds
Ten seconds

Technical differences:

Type 2
Type 1
Contains an advanced metering chip (Cirrus Logic CS5460C-ISZ) able to calculate power use more accurately for a wider range of appliance types. Simple analog circuit

Detailed disassembly views

Specification differences:

 Specification  Type 1
 Type 2
 Power supply
 250V AC 50Hz
 240V AC 50Hz
 Max. Load
 10A, 2500W
 10A, 2400W
 Measure voltage range
 210-301V AC
 200-276V AC
 Measure voltage accuracy
 +/-3%  +/-1%
 Measure current range
 0.02-10A  0.01-10A
 Measure current accuracy
 Measure power range
 0-3100W  0.2W-2760W
 Measure power accuracy
 +/-4% or +/-10W
 +/-1% or +/-0.2W
 Accumulative electric quantity range
 0 -9999.9kWh  0 -9999.9kWh
 Measure frequency range
 45-65Hz  45-65Hz
 Clock accuracy
 +/- 1 minute per month
 +/- 1 minute per month
 Power cost
 <2W  <0.5W
 Operating temperature
 -10 deg c to +40 deg c
 -10 deg c to +40 deg c
 2x1.5V LR44/AG13
 3x1.5V LR44/AG13
 Battery life about 3 months without AC power about 3 months without AC power