Elto EMA-1 guides

Information, guides, instructions and manual for the Elto EMA-1 CS 07442V electronic power meter and many other meters using a similar internal design. This website is not associated with any manufacturer, retailer or distributor of these or any other product.

The manufacturer uses exactly the same model number for two versions. The version called 'type 2' on this website contains a dedicated metering chip able to calculate power use more accurately for a wider range of appliances. The version called 'type 1' on this website uses a simple analog circuit design.

This website provides easy to follow user guides for all types:

 User friendly guideImportant information not provided in the original instruction manual and hints to make first time operation easier.
 Quick guideMinimum info required to use all the features of the device.
 Fast guideNo setup required.

The same guides apply to these similar kwh/cost meters:

EMA-1 N1185. Jaycar Power Meter MS-6115. Maplin N67HH, N67FU, N35HN. Energy Genie Appliance Power Meter, Energenie Plug in Powermeter. Watts Clever Plug-in Energy Monitor EW-AUS4001, Jaycar MS-6118 Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Meter. Mort Bay Energy Saving Power Board. Ningbo KML Nikkai KES02-01, KAS02-01, KFS02-01, KIS02-01, KSS02-01, KGS02-01, KSS01-01, KIS01-01, KGS01-01, KFS01-01, KES01-01, KAS01-01. Philex Ecopower 76942R Plug Through Energy Meter. Philex Energy Monitor Eco-Power 76942R. Plug in Energy and Power Monitor. Controletti 4962-2 Multifunction Power Meter. Power Accessories Plug in Power Meter/Monitor, Nikkai Plug-In Power, Energy and CO2 Meter, Brennenstuhl Eco-Line Technik 5 Way Plug Socket with Energy Meter, Eco-Line Technik energy meter EM 235, Power Strip with Energy Cost Meter. Alltronics P8133. Lindy Energy Saving Power Meter. MPM01 Mains Power Meter. Pro-elec Energy Meter. Proteam Green Power Energy Tracker HO1569. Easy Life EL-EPM02, EL-EPM02HQ, EL-EPM02FHQ. EMF-1. Hartig-Helling Energy Check SU 201. Arlec PC222 Energy Cost Meter. Power Tech Plus Multifunction Energy Meter. A+ Intelligent Power Meter.

Please comment below if you found the guides useful for a device not listed above.


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28/10/2011 17:33
 Rob HollowayPlease send instructions on how to use watts clever MS6118 by email [address removed]
27/01/2012 15:07 Robert OThanks so much for these clear instructions; I had lost mine.
27/01/2012 16:45
 Ema1 [Moderator]
Rob.H - As above. The same instructions apply. Click the instruction links in the text above.
22/03/2012 18:27
https://sites.google.com/site/ema1powermeter/ema1type1-type2-differences You have the type 1 and type 2 incorrectly written up initially - type two uses 3x1.5v as per the rest of your documentation right? Easiest way to determine which meter from the label: 'type 2' has label text: "Battery 2X1.5V" 'type 1' has label text: "Battery 3X1.5V" In the picture below the Type 2 is shown first (on the left)..
22/03/2012 19:38
 Ema1 [Moderator]
Yes that is correct! - thanks for pointing that out Dafydd. I have updated it with the correct text.
22/03/2012 22:04
Also would like to verify that the newer 3x1.5V model gives substantially different (more accurate) results especially low power states. Example: 24" LCD standby type 1 meter: 9watt 24" LCD standby type 1 meter: 0.5watt Desktop PC full-load type 1 meter: 85watt? keeps cycling values Desktop PC under full-load type 2 meter: 175watt (X3 720BE ati5750 gfx) The older model isn't really worth bothering with IMO
04/05/2012 09:15 RONHi, Dog ate the instructions fot my new ELTO power meter EMA1 i purchased at Bunnings. Is there a download link or a net copy you can send [email address] Many Thanks Ron
04/05/2012 14:35 Ema1 [Moderator]Hi Ron, this is the second request I've had to send instructions through email. I'm not sure I understand. You can use the links above to view each guide. Can you see the links ok in the table near the top of the page?
20/05/2012 22:56 Ian melborneHas anyone fully decoded how Price 1 and 2 work? It is easy to set price, the day(s) and a period of time, but despite a lot of experimenting I cannot work out how the two prices interact, or whether one has priority, or frankly, what it all means. Answers anyone?
21/05/2012 07:45 Editor [Moderator]Hi Ian, what is it exactly that you wish to achieve with the price settings? What is the exact pricing/time scenario you are trying to set it up for?
14/05/2013 15:35 andy Thanks for this guide, like others I had lost my incomprehensible instructions.
08/11/2015 10:32 Ellie
I'm confused about the on time display. I forgot to check once I had plugged the unit in and its been a little while. The time on says 2 08 51. Now I know the 51 is minutes but is the 2 weeks and the 8 days or hours? Seems like more likely to be hours for the 8.