Battery replacement

Removing the batteries will reset all data. The manufacturer's specifications for the EMA-1 state that battery life is "about 3 months without AC power". This could mean battery life will be longer if the device is plugged in or it might not.

To remove the batteries, unplug the device, turn the device over and remove the Phillps screw from the battery cover. Tap the back of the device firmly into your palm and the battery cover will fall off.

The batteries are now exposed.

To remove the batteries tap the back of the device firmly into your palm. If you are lucky, both batteries will fall out. If not, just wiggle them with your fingernail and try again. That usually does the trick. Insert the new batteries, taking care to get the correct orientation as shown below

Insert the left hand side of the battery cover first, then close it and insert the screw. Tighten it just a little bit, it only needs to hold the plastic cover in place.

Press the FUNC button on the front of the device to check the batteries are installed correctly. The LCD display will become active for a short time to indicate the batteries are correctly installed. If the LCD remains blank, check the orientation of the batteries and try again.

Replacing the batteries resets all data in the meter. After completing battery replacement, set the clock and kWh costs using the user friendly or quick guide.